So who is George anyways?

Hi, my name is Mark, the owner of George’s – Nice to Meat you!

George is my Dad. He started cutting meat in the 70s and worked a second job cleaning carpets to support the family when we were kids. Eventually, he saved enough to buy his own Meat shop here in Walnut Grove almost 30 years ago.

When he retired in 2009… well kind of, you can still see Grandpa George in the shop quite often – but that’s when I took over the family business and have been honored to serve the local community ever since.

Our quality meats are growth hormone free and antibiotic free and we always source our products locally wherever possible. At least 75% of our products are local.

And we offer more than just meat; Vegetarian options, Gluten Free products, Spices/Rubs, Bone Broths, and many prepared meals and side dishes.