About Our PORK

All of the Pork we sell comes fresh from the Fraser Valley. It is always antibiotic and hormone free. We stock Johnston’s BC Farms quality pork products. Johnston’s believe that the animals destined for food markets must be raised with the best treatment practices. Their producers care about the animals they raise – for the animal’s sake, for the farmer & farmer’s family and for the consumers. Quite simply, well cared for animals mean better returns for producers and higher quality meat products for consumers. At Johnston’s, they have a clear standard of care for all animals that are raised.

some of the pork we carry

baby back ribs

farmers sausage

pork tenderloin

pork hock

pork roasts


pork belly

pork butt roast

stuffed pork chops & tenderloins

pork chops (bone in & boneless)

smoked pork chops

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