About Our specialties

We are an experienced butcher shop and have an in house Chef. This allows us to help with any questions on preparation, special orders and to make many of our products in house. We make all of our Sausages in house, as well as Soups, Lasagnes, Quiches, and Burgers. We also carry a large selection of Keto friendly foods.

We make store made stocks that are the perfect addition to mashed potatoes, gravies, and soups. Our broths are also fantastic to sip on their own. Full of minerals, amino acids, collagen, glycine and proline bone broth is great for gut health, skin and promotes joint healing. We make all our stocks in house from bones of the meats we sell because we believe in using as much of the animal as possible.

All of our Sausages are made Gluten free and we have a large selection of made in store salads, appetizers, meat pies, and side dishes. As well as many ready to eat items and premade food that you just pop in the oven.

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Address: 20349 88 AVE #16, LANGLEY CITY, BC V1M 1E6

Phone: (604) 888-3436